There is already a Vaccination that can stop you getting Cancer, and obviously that is fantastic news. It is the HPV vaccine.

So which cancer does the HPV vaccine prevent?

It prevents a number of cancers caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, which can lead to Genital Warts, Cervical Cancer, Head, Neck and Throat Cancer. This is in both males and females.

Did I get this Vaccine at School?

Probably not. Girls aged 12-13 years have been getting this vaccine at school since 2006. and I am glad to say that last year boys in year 8 were also added to schedule.

What if I already have the Virus inside me?

You probably have. We all have. There are about 100 types of HPV’s. Most of them are harmless and our body can fight off any infection that they may cause. However, a few of them can cause various types of cancer, in both men and women if left untreated.

So, who should have the Vaccine?

If you are between 18-45 years of age, you can get the vaccine. Unlike younger children, adults ( and children aged 15 years and over) would need three vaccinations as opposed to two. 

Is it still effective in older children and adults?

The best time to have the vaccine is before you are sexually active. You can catch the virus from any type of sexual contact. This is why it is given to younger children at school. However, it is still effective if given when you are older, as long as you get the full course of three vaccinations.

What about the Safety of the Vaccine?

I will be giving it to my children. The vaccine has been thoroughly tested and I have no concerns.

There is a lot of “fake” news about many things currently, especially on social media. So where can patients and parents get trusted information about vaccines? A good website is the:

Oxford University Vaccine Knowledge Project.

Where can I get the HPV Vaccine?

We provide the HPV vaccination in our pharmacy as part of our Travel and Clinical Services.

Can I just walk in and get the Vaccination?

You will need a full medical consultation by our Prescribing Pharmacist who will decide if you are a suitable patient. Most people can generally have the vaccination, even if you have a medical condition or are on medication. The pharmacist would discuss this with you.

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