We treat our patients the way we treat our friends.

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Udani Chemist

We treat our patients the way we treat our friends
0151 722 1944

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Udani Chemist

22-24 Queens Drive


L15 7NE

Telephone: 0151 722 1944

Company Reg: 4840826

GPHC  Premises Registration:1034574

Superintendent Pharmacist: Mr. J. Kang


Opening Hours

Monday             0900 to 1830

Tuesday             0900 to 1830

Wednesday       0900 to 1830

Thursday           0900 to 1830

Friday                 0900 to 1830

Saturday             0900 to 1300

Sunday    Closed

We treat our patients the way we treat our friends.

Practice Leaflet

Udani Chemist Practice Leaflet 2018 pdf download.