Should you have the Covid 19 Vaccine if you have had dermal fillers?

The answer is yes?

The vaccine is our best defence against the spread of the virus.

So why do I ask this question?

Well, it relates to some information coming out of the USA, following a review of the trial data for the Moderna Covid 19 Vaccine.

In a nutshell, 3 patients out of 15 184 developed some level of lip or facial swelling, 1-2 days after having the vaccine. These patients had previously had dermal fillers.

Vaccines are designed to develop an immune response in your body. So that your body is prepared for when you are infected by the real virus.

Reactions to dermal fillers are rare, but there is some evidence that patients may get an immune system response after a bacterial or viral infection, or even after the influenza vaccination.

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) recommends that patients who have had dermal fillers should not be discouraged from having the Covid 19 Vaccine.

It also recommends that if a patient has had the Covid 19 Vaccine, they should not be discouraged from having dermal fillers.

The data did not state how many patients in total had received dermal fillers prior to the vaccine. More research is being done in this area.

This data relates to the Moderna vaccine which at the time of writing is not being used in the UK. It should be available from spring.

I have had the vaccine as have the majority of my staff (the others will be getting it as soon as logistically possible). If you are given the opportunity to have the Covid 19 vaccine, I would recommend that you do take it.

If you want more information you can also see the report below: