We treat our patients the way we treat friends.

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I have been on a number of diets. They all work to a certain extent. But the weight slowly creeps back on. And then you are back to square ONE again.

Until now. 

How Many Times Has Your Diet Failed?

Let's face it, this is unlikely to be the first time that either of us has tried to lose weight. Yes, your last diet may have worked for a bit, but you have started to creep back to your Comfortable Weight, your body's Set Weight.

What is the ONE thing that controls our body's fat LOSS

Unless you know what controls our body's fat loss mechanism how can anyone really expect to maintain their weight loss?

Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

At Udani Chemist we can prescribe the most suitable treatment for you. You do not have to be stuck with a choice of only one medicine as you are in most pharmacies.
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Our Prescribing Pharmacist will help you to find the best and most suitable medication for you. Why let yourself be restricted to ONE choice?
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One medication does not work for everyone. Let our Prescribing pharmacists discuss your individual case and help you choose the most appropriate medication for your problem. Each medication has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. Our Prescribing pharmacists will discuss your needs and prescribe the best fit for your symptoms. Whether it is the medication that works the quickest or lasts the longest.

SILDENAFIL is now available off prescription. You may decide that is what you want. However, our Prescribing Pharmacist can also prescribe you the generic equivalent at a reduced cost or prescribe you one of the branded alternatives. This service is not available at other pharmacies that do not have the advanced qualification of Prescribing Pharmacist.

Private Consultation Room.

All our clinic consultations take place in our private consultation room. Our Prescribing Pharmacists are available to give you the best advice to help you with your choice of medication for Erectile Dysfunction.

We treat our patients the way we treat our friends.