How to Maintain Weight Loss

If you have been trying to lose and MAINTAIN weight loss please carry on reading the text from an email that I got from one of my patients.

Hi Jella, hope you’re well. This is just a quick email on my experience of fasting for my weight loss.

On your recommendation I read ‘The Complete Guide To Fasting’ and decided that I would give it a try. I have been struggling with my weight all my life but it ballooned when I quit smoking 3 years ago and at my heaviest I got to nearly 25 stone. I managed to get down to 23st 6 but was stuck at this weight for several months and was really struggling to move any more weight.

I decided to just try a 24 hour fast and go from there. I did the 1’st 24 hr fast so decided to keep going as long as I could. I have stuck to a daily 24hr fast for over 8 weeks now, i have generally had 1 day a week usually Saturday where I eat 2 meals of whatever I want and I also have alcohol that day also.

I have mainly eaten the same foods as I was before, which is generally high carb with lots of pasta, rice, bread and potatoes, but I have been making an effort to reduce carbs and eat more protein and natural fats. I have almost completely cut out bread and I’m eating a lot less potatoes.

In the time I have been fasting I have lost 1 stone in weight. This was before Xmas. Over the holiday period I gained back about 5lbs. I began fasting again consistently 1 week ago and within 4 days I had already lost over 2lb of the regained weight. As of today i weighed 22st 8.5lbs.

I have observed several things during the process. First that while I do feel hunger frequently it seems to last for shorter periods and less intensely as I have gotten used to the process, secondly i feel more energetic and focused, third I feel full quicker so I’m naturally starting to eat smaller portions, fourth I do have a tendency to over eat at my 1 meal as I know I won’t eat for over 23 more hours so I eat even when feeling full (I know this is only psychological and I’m working on the issue), fifth on days where I do eat low carb, high protein/fat meals I feel much better overall, don’t feel uncomfortably full after eating and have so far lost weight every morning after on the scales. Just to add, I do weigh myself daily but it’s more to try and figure out what is and isn’t working for me and to try and figure out my patterns of weight loss rather than to keep hoping I’ve lost weight. I’ve also noticed that I seem to lose weight more efficiently when I incorporate a handful of nuts such as cashews into my meal as a dessert, although this could be coincidence, what I’m finding is I am more in tune with how my body is reacting to what and when I eat, meaning i am getting more proficient at predicting how my body is being affected. I also find i lose weight more efficiently if i exercise after at least 12 hours fasting as opposed to within a few hours of my evening meal, although I try to do both as I have to walk my dogs. I’m not currently attempting any strenuous exercise, more walking than anything but I will be increasing the difficulty and variety of exercise in the coming months.

As I’m writing this email I’m in the middle of my first 48 hour fast, if I struggle I’ll stick with the 24 hour fasts but if I succeed I will try and incorporate 2 or 3 48 hour fasts into my weekly diet. I’m thinking no food ‪from Sunday evening‬ til ‪Tuesday evening‬ then no food til ‪Thursday evening‬, and then do 24 hour fast for Friday, have a day off on Saturday then fast til my evening meal time Sunday.

I should probably say that while fasting I’m sticking to water only during fasting and I don’t currently restrict any foods other than bread and potatoes, so I will allow myself a bar of chocolate after a meal or some biscuits etc if I feel like having them, but I am planning on continuing to reduce these unhealthy meals and treats over the coming months to a healthier more appropriate diet.


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